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I don’t think I’d be stretching my imagination – or my ego – to assume that you’ve all missed me dearly. I am not proud to state that I have done exactly what I promised myself I wouldn’t do on the last day of JMC305 class. I let my blog get ignored.

Luckily, I came around. Now, here I sit again in front of my beloved XOXO, Salsa Girl blog with a rejuvenated energy. I cannot event begin to articulate how far I have come since my last blog post. I completed that post on Nov. 13, 2012 and today is June 6, 2013.

A report on what I’ve been up to, in the briefest of ways possible: Bullet points…

  • I finished my sophomore year at ASU
  • I completed my first internship with SheKnows.com
  • I lived in an apartment for 10 months
  • I continued my relentless love for looking at pictures of food
  • I both established and maintained best-friendship with Laverne
  • I somehow acquired four jobs
  • I still bag groceries
  • I still eat salsa with a spoon

As it stands, I am not entirely sure how I’d like the future of this blog to play out. In theory, I’d like to upkeep some type of journaling whilst I am doing my thing here this summer, but realistically I think I can only spread my words so thin, and you all can only stand so much of me.

Please entertain yourselves howsoever you choose until I release the live link for you to view the newest addition to my online blogging portfolio. Details to come – but know (and you probably could guess this by now) that it is being created through partnership between me and another young woman and it does indeed have a gastronomical focus. Yes, gastronomical: my current favorite word. That and “underwhelmed.”


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