XOXO, Salsa Girl

The Dish on All Things Salsa

What’s My Scoop?

While the sly Gossip Girl is busy keeping her gossiping site up to date on “Manhattan’s Elite,” I, Salsa Girl, am providing the latest “scoop” on the condiment elite.

My scoops may not be as crisp as those served by Gossip Girl, but my dishes are equally as juicy.

In this blog, I plan to chop, mince, and dish out all things salsa. From insane ingredients to ingenious ideas:  it is my goal in this blog to generate a heat that as spicy as the promiscuous lives of those follwed by the mysteriously knowledgable Gossip Girl.

Disclaimer on content: I may not always have spicy gossip, but you can count your chile peppers that I will certainly serve up all of the juiciest bites. Whether it is through my attendance at events, my attempts at new salsa (or salsa-related) recipes, or if i just so happen to attempt to dance the “Salsa Dance”–I promise to keep the entertainment level at a habanero high.

As for blog protocol, a formal sign off will follow each of my  posted “scoops,” just as a new scoop should follow the previous when consuming salsa.

And so it begins.

Buena Suerte to me. That means “good luck” in Spanish. Which is relevant, of course, to salsa.

XOXO, Salsa Girl


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