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Rooster Beak, I love you

Today my manager had a surprise for me…

Unfortunately, I did not get a promotion.

However, I did get to try Rooster’s Beak once and for all. It was just my luck that Fatima decided to whip up a batch of her proclaimed “real” Pico de Gallo and she felt kind enough to share some with me.

My reaction in fragments:



I was expecting the lime juice and salt to oddly conflict with the mango and watermelon, but lo and behold–I was wrong. The perfectly crispy cucumber slices perfectly absorbed the juicy runoff from the watermelon, and the mango gave its own tropical flavor. Each fruit was distinctively sweet, and the cucumber was refreshing.

I would compare eating Fatima’s pico de gallo to a day at the spa in Hawaii. You know, because I know what spas are like in Hawaii…

Regardless, that’s what came to my mind as I ate her pico.

Rooster beak, I love you.


Salsa Girl


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Salsa Girl’s identity is REVEALED

Who is Gossip Girl?

We still have no idea.

But who is Salsa Girl?

That I do know.

I know I promised that I would dish out all things salsa in secrecy, but truthfully, I am too vain to stay hidden.

Let me introduce myself to you in my natural habitat: the kitchen. Allow me to reveal my dorky personality through a daredevil stunt. Today, I show you that my dedication to chile peppers is real. Watch below to see me casually snack on a jalapeno pepper in my totally chic downtown apartment.


Salsa Girl