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Rooster Beak, I love you

Today my manager had a surprise for me…

Unfortunately, I did not get a promotion.

However, I did get to try Rooster’s Beak once and for all. It was just my luck that Fatima decided to whip up a batch of her proclaimed “real” Pico de Gallo and she felt kind enough to share some with me.

My reaction in fragments:



I was expecting the lime juice and salt to oddly conflict with the mango and watermelon, but lo and behold–I was wrong. The perfectly crispy cucumber slices perfectly absorbed the juicy runoff from the watermelon, and the mango gave its own tropical flavor. Each fruit was distinctively sweet, and the cucumber was refreshing.

I would compare eating Fatima’s pico de gallo to a day at the spa in Hawaii. You know, because I know what spas are like in Hawaii…

Regardless, that’s what came to my mind as I ate her pico.

Rooster beak, I love you.


Salsa Girl


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Mama’s Homemade Green Chile Beef

Naturally, as a college student, I showed up to my house this weekend with a full load of laundry and an empty stomach. You know: just doing my duties as a financially unstable student. But I really do feel terrible going home on the weekends and scavenging through my mom’s refrigerator.

However, when it comes to her Green Chile beef, I feel no remorse.

Sitting right at the front of the refrigerator this weekend was a gallon-sized tub of a succulently shredded beef dish that we have unofficially named “Green Chile.” Creatively named AND completely irresistible.

About every two or three months for the past…well, forever, my mom has worked her matriarchal magic on beef shoulders to create this Green Chile beef dish. Being the charitable woman that I am, I thought I would do you all a favor and share her recipe.

Don’t be afraid to try it out–there’s truly no way to mess it up. Plus, with directions as detailed as my mom provides, confusion is impossible.  Sarcasm.

So here is how my mom told me to make her famous “Green Chile”…Luckily, I’ve seen her make this dish before, so I could understand her shortened mom-style recipe. Allow me to do you all a favor and translate that conversation.


-Beef Chuck Shoulder or Rib Roast

-Onion Powder

-Garlic Powder

-1 yellow onion, medium

-2 cloves garlic, whole

-1lb roasted hatch green chiles

-1 can (14.5oz) chopped tomatoes


1) In a crockpot, combine:

-5lbs Beef Chuck Shoulder or Rib Roast

-Garlic Powder and Onion Powder, use enough to season beef

2) Cook the beef on low heat in the crockpot for 8-10 hours

3) Remove the beef from the crockpot and shred using a fork. Reserve the liquid.

4) In a large pot, over medium-high heat, combine the chopped onion and can of crushed tomatoes with the shredded beef and reserved beef liquid

5) In a blender, combine the green chiles and garlic until liquified

6) Add the spicy-blended-chile-and-garlic-sauce (yes, that is its official culinary name) to the shredded beef, onions, and tomatoes. Stir.

7) Cover and let simmer for 1  hour.

Serve Green Chile in a tortilla, under a fried egg, in a salad, or even just “as is” with your fingers. That’d make you hardcore like me.


Green Chile Beef is best complimented by Chachies Medium Salsa. I eat this stuff by the spoonful, and I certify that it is the perfectly refreshing compliment for this dish. Chachies is “pico de gallo” style salsa–meaning the tomatoes, onions and peppers are all left uncooked, fresh, and chunky.

You’re welcome.


Salsa Girl